About Polimeter

Polimeter.org is the creation of Covosoft Corp., a tech startup located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Covosoft is Dom Bernard and Stephen Bilston - we build web products and work on consulting projects when we're not busy hiking in the Rockies.

In October 2015, we launched TrudeauMetre.ca to track our (then) newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. After launch, we quickly got contacted by many around the world to help them implement the same thing for their own country or local jurisdiction. We found ourselves sharing the code with a lot of people, but since there was no common platform in place to host and scale these new projects, we (and our newfound international friends) also found ourselves doing a lot of manual work to put everything in place, essentially recreating a new codebase every time. That wasn't sustainable (and certainly not scalable).

Polimeter is the solution to that problem. Now whoever wants a "trudeaumetre" style website can have it by just signing up, providing the information about what it is they wish to track, and populating their meter with their relevant promises.

We hope you enjoy the site!