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Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
1,199 days in office
Ontario's 42nd Parliament
07 Jun 2018 - Present

The 2018 Ontario general election was held on June 7, 2018 to elect the 124 members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, led by Doug Ford, won a majority government with 76 of the 124 seats in the legislature. The incumbent Liberal government was effectively swept out of Parliament, securing only 7 seats in the legislature and consequently having to surrender official party status.

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Promise History

1.01.01 - “[We] will work with the federal government to resolve these trade issues [steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the US on Canada] to make Ontario open for business again:”

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“Canada’s Premiers highlighted the strength of the Canada-U.S. economic relationship and the importance of working together to secure North American prosperity during meetings in the U.S. capital over the past several days. The mission was led by New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, Chair of the Council of the Federation. Joining him were Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.”

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“‘The Ford government’s call for Canada to unilaterally and unconditionally remove its counter-tariffs would equal unilateral surrender to the Americans,’” [Federal Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains] Bains wrote. ‘The reciprocal tariffs are critical to pressuring the Americans to end this dispute once and for all.’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has discussed the tariffs over the phone with U.S. President Donald Trump and Finance Minister Bill Morneau has met with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Bains said the last time any Ontario official visited Washington was five months ago.”

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“Today, President Donald J. Trump signed two proclamations, which note that measures are in place to address the impairment to the national security threatened by imports of steel and aluminum from Argentina, Brazil, and Australia. At this time, similar measures are not in place with respect to steel or aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada, or the European Union. Therefore, as of June 1, 2018, tariffs will no longer be suspended for steel or aluminum imports from those countries.”

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