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Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
1,269 days in office
Ontario's 42nd Parliament
07 Jun 2018 - Present

The 2018 Ontario general election was held on June 7, 2018 to elect the 124 members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, led by Doug Ford, won a majority government with 76 of the 124 seats in the legislature. The incumbent Liberal government was effectively swept out of Parliament, securing only 7 seats in the legislature and consequently having to surrender official party status.

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Promise History

1.09.03 - “Respect the vulnerable: Commit resources to combat domestic abuse, including elder abuse”


In 2019, the Ford Ontario government cut funding to Ontario rape crisis centres and other women shelter services in 2019, thus taking an action to contradict the spirit of this promise to commit funding to combat domestic abuse. It should also be noted that the 2019 budget does not include any financial resources allocated to combatting domestic abuse or elder abuse.

“The Ford government cut funding to Ontario rape crisis centres, leaving a paltry $1 million funding boost to be divided between 42 centres after the previous Wynne government promised some $4 million extra. The 42 centres currently receive some $14 million in annual funding. The Ford government also folded the roundtable on violence against women.”

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“Ontario is building on its commitment to create a province free of gender-based violence through its comprehensive new strategy — It’s Never Okay: Ontario’s Gender-Based Violence Strategy — announced in March 2018. The Province is investing up to $242 million over three years to help support survivors and their children and to end the cycle of violence. This new strategy provides an overarching framework to respond to an increased need for core and culturally appropriate services such as shelters, counselling, sexual assault centres and assistance in navigating the court system; and to address further needs of survivors of gender-based violence.”

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