New Brunswick
In office
Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
1,001 days in office
59th Parliament of New Brunswick
09 Nov 2018 - 17 Aug 2020
60th Parliament of New Brunswick
29 Sep 2020 - Present

The 2020 New Brunswick general election was held on September 14 to elect the 49 members of the 60th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by incumbent Premier Blaine Higgs, won 27 seats, forming a majority government. Higgs was head of a minority government since the 2018 elections.

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Promise History

2.01.02 - “We will advance our stated action plan to target a 2% annual increase in French-speaking immigrants through the provincial immigration programs[.]”

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Reference Documents

“In 2019, the province released New Beginnings: A Population Growth Strategy for New Brunswick 2019-2024. The Strategy set and attained an incremental target to reach 24 per cent francophone nominations in 2019. The long-term goal is to reach 33 per cent by 2024.”

“Percentage of immigrants of those nominated to come to New Brunswick under the Provincial Nominee Program and Atlantic Immigration Pilot who are francophone.” 2018: 19 % 2019: 24 %

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