No longer in office
Quebec Liberal Party
1,583 days in office
41st Legislature of Quebec
23 Apr 2014 - 23 Aug 2018

The Quebec elections held on April 7, 2021 were called when Pauline Marois’s minority Parti québécois government requested the dissolution of the legislature to avoid being defeated on a confidence motion following the Marceau budget. The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP), headed by Philippe Couillard, won the election, forming a majority government with 70 seats and 40.5% of the popular vote. During the campaign, it had proposed 157 promises to take care of “real issues,” which explains the presence of many economic promises and the absence of promises is the domain of identity and nationalism.

The QLP presented its election platform on its website in the form of press releases throughout the campaign. They were collated in a document to identify the election promises. For an assessment of this government’s performance during its mandate, see Pétry and Birch (2018), Bilan du gouvernement de Philippe Couillard : 158 promesses et un mandat contrasté, published by Les Presses de l’Université Laval.

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1.04.01 - “[Ensure] the availability of a skilled workforce through the deployment and promotion of training programs and through supporting our training centers.”

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