New Brunswick
In office
Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
1,438 days in office
59th legislature of New Brunswick
09 Nov 2018 - 17 Aug 2020
60th legislature of New Brunswick
29 Sep 2020 - Present

The 2020 New Brunswick general election was held on September 14 to elect the 49 members of the 60th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by incumbent Premier Blaine Higgs, won 27 seats, forming a majority government. Higgs was head of a minority government since the 2018 elections.

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Promise History

2.05.09 - “We will partner with non profit organizations and community groups to help fund cleanup projects in their communities[.]”

In progress

“GestionH2O will coordinate shoreline clean-ups from Campbellton to Cap-Pelé. […] The Southeast Regional Service Commission will tackle illegal dumping in their region by providing service and facility to organizations interested in participating in site cleanups.”

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