In office
Coalition avenir Québec
1,952 days in office
42nd Legislature of Quebec
03 Dec 2018 - 28 Aug 2022
43rd Legislature of Quebec
20 Oct 2022 - Present

The 2022 Quebec general election held on October 3, 2022 resulted in a second decisive victory for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), led by François Legault. The CAQ won 90 of the 125 seats in the National Assembly, 16 more than in 2018, with 40.98% of the popular vote.

For more details on the Legault government’s first mandate, we invite you to consult the Legault Polimeter I and the following book: Bilan du gouvernement de la CAQ : Entre nationalisme et pandémie (2022).

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Promise History

2.03.19 - “A re-elected CAQ government] will invest $120 million in the next mandate to support the forest sector [and the sustainable management of our forests]. [It] will add $60 million to double the funding of the Innovation Bois program, for innovative products, technologies and processes in the forest industry. And another $60 million in silviculture, to plant trees”

Partially kept

Le programme est désormais mis en place, reste à voir si les financements accordés précédemment seront distribués vers le programme.

« Le Programme Innovation Bois (PIB) se décline en deux volets. Il permet de soutenir financièrement des projets innovants de transformation des produits forestiers tout en encourageant la transformation des bois de qualité inférieure​. // Volet 1 – Innovation // Ce volet soutient des projets d’investissement et des études qui favorisent l’innovation dans l’industrie des produits forestiers ainsi que dans toute autre industrie qui utilise des produits forestiers ou fabrique des équipements forestiers. // L’innovation peut se traduire par le développement de produits, de nouveaux procédés ou par l’implantation de technologies, d’équipements et de systèmes innovants. // Volet 2 – Bois de qualité inférieure // Ce volet vise à réaliser des projets industriels transformant des volumes de bois de qualité inférieure en provenance des forêts québécoises.  »

Partially kept

Due to the lack of development on the Wood Innovation Program, this promise is partially fulfilled.

“To support the development of the forestry sector, in Budget 2023-2024, the government is planning initiatives totalling $128.0 million over five years and aimed at: // increasing investment in silviculture work; // continuing efforts to protect forests from the spruce budworm; // supporting the forest industry structure in the Outaouais and Laurentides regions”

Partially kept

“To support this sector, preserve Québec’s forest heritage and contribute to efforts in fighting climate change, in Budget 2023-2024, the government is setting aside $98.0 million over five years to increase investment in silviculture work. In particular, this investment will: // carry out silviculture work; // grant forestry companies access to targeted sectors via the construction of multi-use roads in public forests; // strengthen the forest sapling production network in public nurseries”

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