In office
Coalition avenir Québec
1,952 days in office
42nd Legislature of Quebec
03 Dec 2018 - 28 Aug 2022
43rd Legislature of Quebec
20 Oct 2022 - Present

The 2022 Quebec general election held on October 3, 2022 resulted in a second decisive victory for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), led by François Legault. The CAQ won 90 of the 125 seats in the National Assembly, 16 more than in 2018, with 40.98% of the popular vote.

For more details on the Legault government’s first mandate, we invite you to consult the Legault Polimeter I and the following book: Bilan du gouvernement de la CAQ : Entre nationalisme et pandémie (2022).

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Promise History

2.08.05 - “A CAQ government will […] promote wider distribution of made-in-Québec television shows and films”

In progress

“Lacombe indicated that he had approached Louise Beaudoin, former PQ minister of culture and international relations; Clément Duhaime, former delegate general of Quebec in Paris and administrator of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie; Véronique Guèvremont, Université Laval law professor and holder of the UNESCO Research Chair on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions; and Patrick Taillon, co-director of the Centre for Studies in Administrative and Constitutional Law at Université Laval, where he is also a full professor in the faculty of law.//The four experts will be mandated to advise the minister on the various tools to use and the possible avenues, whether legislative or not, to ensure the survival of the French language and Quebec culture”

In progress

By providing funding to Télé-Québec, the government is attempting to enhance and better disseminate Quebec television and film works for young people.

“Télé-Québec has been providing Quebecers with quality French-language content. Today, this content is available on many dissemination platforms, including digital ones. // The government is investing $101.1 million over five years in Budget 2023-2024 to allow Télé-Québec to reaffirm its role in youth programming and enhance its service offering available on its different platforms, in particular to provide an original and renewed offering”

In progress

Par l’entremise du budget 2023-2024, le gourvernement tente de favoriser le déploiement de la créativité et du contenu culturel québécois en général. En revanche, le gouvernement de la CAQ ne tente pas de mettre en valeur précisément les œuvres télévisuelles et cinématographiques québécoises.

“To increase this presence, the government is providing $95million in Budget 2023-2024 to foster the deployment of creativity and promote Québec cultural content in the digital realm. These new amounts will be used for: // establishing an online presence for Québec’s cultural content, with the help of a new digital action plan for culture “

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