In office
Coalition avenir Québec
1,978 days in office
42nd Legislature of Quebec
03 Dec 2018 - 28 Aug 2022
43rd Legislature of Quebec
20 Oct 2022 - Present

The 2022 Quebec general election held on October 3, 2022 resulted in a second decisive victory for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), led by François Legault. The CAQ won 90 of the 125 seats in the National Assembly, 16 more than in 2018, with 40.98% of the popular vote.

For more details on the Legault government’s first mandate, we invite you to consult the Legault Polimeter I and the following book: Bilan du gouvernement de la CAQ : Entre nationalisme et pandémie (2022).

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Promise History

2.11.33 - “A re-elected CAQ government has] big plans for Montreal. [It is committed to] decontaminating [and] developing [all of the huge tracts of land in the east end of Montreal”

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“Pierre Fitzgibbon reiterated that the government will go ahead with the REM de l’Est, with a route to be specified shortly, and that this project, like others in the East, is creating “momentum” to develop the sector”

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During the previous mandate, the CAQ government provided funding to the City of Montreal for the decontamination of land in Montreal’s East End. The City of Montreal manages the grant program. Private decontamination companies have shown little interest in submitting projects in the past three years. During the 2022 election campaign, the CAQ pledged to move forward on this important issue for the development of East End Montreal. In April 2023, the City of Montreal changed its rules for accessing subsidies. It remains to be seen whether more land will be decontaminated in the East and what the CAQ government, in collaboration with the City of Montreal, will do to achieve the decontamination objectives during the CAQ’s current mandate.

« Afin de corriger le tir, la Ville prévoit maintenant revoir sa stratégie pour financer la décontamination de terrains en amont. Ainsi, les entreprises admissibles qui auront présenté un projet « de façon rigoureuse » pourront recevoir une subvention équivalant à 50 % des coûts de décontamination de leurs terrains avant même que les travaux en question aient commencé.  »

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“While Quebec was planning to spend up to $200 million, only one private property has been cleaned up so far. Three other properties, all owned by the City of Montreal, have also been cleaned up. Some $9.6 million has been used, while the program ends in a year”

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